Hello, fellow wellness enthusiasts, I hope you are well and have navigated these strange times safely thus far.

Myself and my family are safe and well I am pleased to report and I feel that now is a good time to make myself available again under certain conditions.

The WHO say that asymptomatic transmission is rare

I am aware of the ongoing need for precaution and I will balance that with the need for making my space a calm and relaxing oasis rather than a cold and clinical shadow of its former self.

So here are the conditions that I can make myself available to my clients;

You must see my services as ESSENTIAL to your health and well being whether physical or psychological.

You must be happy to visit the office having understood that it is at your own risk but that I will do everything in my control to make myself and the space safe to carry out massage which involves direct skin to skin contact.

I will be swapping the current client chair for another which has all hard, easy to clean surfaces. I will disinfect the chair between clients.

Please use the hooks on the door to hang your clothes so as I can disinfect the door between clients. Please don’t use the table with soft coverings as these are harder to clean between clients.

I will disinfect both door handles between clients.

I will disinfect the desk area between clients.

I will disinfect the face cradle between clients.

The towels and couch covers are used once per person.

I will NOT be wearing gloves but I will be washing my hands thoroughly before and after each client.

I will NOT be wearing a mask but the client will have the option to wear one if they want and they will supply that themselves.

(The WHO advises you only need to wear a mask if you are sick or caring for someone who is sick unless you are a front line health worker)

The WHO advises no mask for those who are not sick or caring for someone who is sick

You may request to open a window for extra ventilation.

Clients are asked to let me know ASAP if they develop symptoms BEFORE their appt is due so as we can cancel the appt, and also let me know if you develop symptoms AFTER an appt.

Appointment slots will be available initially two days a week to make sure the system is running and working as it should. I will review the availability on an ongoing basis based on safety concerns and demand.

So please rest assured that I have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of you and of me. You can relax when you visit knowing that the office is clean and safe.