Stone massage is an all round treatment for body, mind and soul. This treatment uses hot, basalt stones in a full body massage routine. During the course of treatment, the stones are used to rub and knead the skin and soft tissues and to spread the heat around. I will then also use conventional massage techniques to work the muscles. It works on the legs, feet, abdomen, chest, arms, hands, back, neck and shoulders. The treatment is beneficial in treating a number of ailments both physical and psychological to promote an holistic sense of well being. The treatment can be adapted to meet your needs.

Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy

If you are considering having a Stone Therapy Massage, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you feel stressed or anxious?
  • Do you feel low or depressed?
  • Do you feel pain or stiffness in your muscles?
  • Do you have poor muscle tone?
  • Do you have dry, brittle or unhealthy skin?
  • Do you have swelling caused by excess fluid?
  • Do you suffer from constipation?

  • Do you feel tired or run down?
  • Do you need to increase your concentration levels?
  • Do you suffer from muscle spasms?
  • Do you have pain or stiffness in your joints?
  • Do you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep?
  • Do you participate in sport?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, you can benefit from having a Stone Therapy Massage…

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Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy