Stone massage is an alround treatment for body, mind and soul. This treatment uses hot, basalt stones, cold, marble stones and a selection of semi precious stones or crystals as part of a full body massage routine. During the course of treatment, the stones are placed under and on top of the body, as well as being used to rub and knead the skin and soft tissues. It works on the legs, feet, abdomen, chest, arms, back and face. The treatment is beneficial in treating a number of ailments both physical and psychological to promote an holistic sense of well being. The treatment can be adapted to meet your needs.

Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy

If you are considering having a Stone Therapy Massage, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you feel stressed or anxious?
  • Do you feel low or depressed?
  • Do you feel pain or stiffness in your muscles?
  • Do you have poor muscle tone?
  • Do you have dry, brittle or unhealthy skin?
  • Do you have swelling caused by excess fluid?
  • Do you suffer from constipation?

  • Do you feel tired or run down?
  • Do you need to increase your concentration levels?
  • Do you suffer from muscle spasms?
  • Do you have pain or stiffness in your joints?
  • Do you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep?
  • Do you participate in sport?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, you can benefit from having a Stone Therapy Massage…

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Each stone has a specific job or type of job depending on its stone type, size and shape. The stones or the Stone Clan People were formed over millions of years. The black, basalt stones are used in the hot part of the treatment and are formed from volcanic material that has cooled and then been eroded in rivers and streams to have a smooth finish. The white, marine stones are used in the cold part of the treatment and have been formed beneath the sea floor and have emerged and been eroded to have a smooth finish.

Stone Therapy
Stone Therapy

The stones hold energy from Mother Earth and it is this healing energy that is transmitted through the therapist which gives a Stone Therapy Massage its extra special healing properties. The stones must be cared for with the highest attention paid to keeping them clean and hygenic and also recharging them after use so as their energies are replaced and replenished to heal the next person that wishes to avail of their power. After each day of use, I wash the stones in hot soapy water to remove any oil on their surface. Then I dry them and place them in a design which honours them and thanks them for their day’s work. I place them in my treatment room and leave the blinds open so as they can bask in the light of the moon by night and in the sunlight by day. I also sprinkle pure sea salt over them to keep them clean. Once a month I will bring them outside and place them on Mother Earth where they came from; they love that! While some of this sounds far fetched, it is claimed amongst many Stone Walkers that should they dishonour the stones by not cleaning them or not recharging them that the stones begin to ‘misbehave’; they don’t hold their heat for as long as they should or they don’t get enough temperature into them in the first place! I will not tempt fate and I will honour my stones and I will thank them every night for bringing a new level of relaxation, of rejuvenation and in some cases spiritualisation to my clients. Open your mind and see what the Stone Clan People can do for you…

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